Comment: I like Rand

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I like Rand

I will be voting for him if I am able to vote for him. Marriage is between a man and a woman. This is the union that creates life on this planet, this is why society has recognized the union itself for generations. The idea of 2 men or 2 women getting married is ridiculous, its a fundamental redefining of society, and opens up the question of what then is marriage? is it whatever you want it to be? Is it open to everything anyone could ever imagine? and if not, why not? If you can redefine the meaning of a word to suit what you want, why can't someone else redefine it to suit what they want? Why can't people and animals get married then? Because you say they cant? how ridiculous when you claim that no one can say 2 men or 2 women cant get married. So what boundaries then do you use and why should anyone adhere to them in calling a marriage a marriage? I'll end by posting a link to one of my new favorite bloggers, he's christian which is one of the things I disagree with him on but hes sarcastic as shit and I love it. He tackles many other issues and I feel hes a great read.