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Not fully worthless

Have you seen the comments? They tear the guy apart.

I like that he tries to explain us to his liberal friends, and has not a clue what he's taking about. It's to our benefit to use that thinking to our advantage. Sun Tzu said, "When you're weak, appear strong. When you're strong, appear weak."

I'm not sure if we're weak in that we don't have a ton of funding, or strong, in that we can easily compete with the state sponsored media. But either way, if they think we're a Billion dollar media empire. That's a self deception that works to our favor.

PS, this post is most read for the passed 24hrs. I got 50 up votes? For an article bashing libertarians. Good to see my take on it still vibes on here. Michael you can make the check out to PTPete25, oh, and I might need to borrow the DP chopper soon too. So keep the schedule open.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."