Comment: Va 2013 legitimacy, fraud, do-over

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Va 2013 legitimacy, fraud, do-over

Dear Honorable Ken Cuccinelli, A.G. & Rightful Governor Elect:

Please consider that there is enough witness to evidence that voting machines have been hacked to make the Board of Elections retabulation of the voting machine totals not worth taking.
More importantly there is conclusive evidence of McAuliffe, Northam and accomplices 18USC1343 felony for the purpose of acquiring votes by artifice via TV & internet. For this last cause the Va. General Assembly has sufficient reason the throw-out the 2013 election results at least for Governor and Lt. Gov. and require a do-over with new Democratic candidates not having a disability to serve.

The use of 13USC1343 felony by candidates also entails Va18.2-111/481(5) felony under the scope of Va1-248.

There are hundreds of potential indictments so the potential obstructions of justice against the laws of man are not sufficient to save McAuliffe from presuming felony to be his right.
God will ultimately have the last word on McAuliffe and Northam's presumptuous conceits.

Sincerely, Russell P. Davis
Publisher of the "Journal of Constitutional Reset from Va" and having 13 known generations of ancestors in Virginia.

"Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia"

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