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(In addition to the update below, I've replaced Paul O'Connell's seminar video with a seventeen part version with headings.)

Under The Buteyko Breathing Method & Tissue Oxygenation:

Buteyko Australia - "What Adults think about Buteyko"
BOX Hill in Victoria, Australia - Sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, blocked nose
On the MURRY River, Beri, South Australia - Sleep apnea, asthma, snoring, sinus headaches
Victor Habour, South Australia - Chronic cough, asthma, blocked nose
Devonport, Tasmania - Asthma, sleep apnea, snoring, sore legs, allergies, weight
Pat Taylor's story - Australia - Asthma, blocked nose, insomnia, low stamina
Cobram, Australia - Asthma

Adelaide, South Australia - Sleep apnea, asthma, snoring, insomnia, allergies

BOX Hill in Victoria, Australia - "What Kids think about Buteyko" - Asthma, sports

Buteyko UK
Sleep Apnoea Trial, Glasgow - Sleep apnea, asthma, cold feet & legs, insomnia

Head Teacher, St. Columbas School - Smoking
Students, St. Columbas School - Asthma, insomnia, night sweats, panic attacks, fatigue
Students, St. Michaels Primary School - Asthma
Students, Saint Maurices School -3 - Asthma, insomnia, allergies, sports
Students, St. Eunan's Primary School - Asthma, blocked nose, insomnia, sports

Sports Teacher, Saint Maurices School Part 1, 2 - Asthma, sports

Buteyko Cuba
Children, Celia Sanchez School - School for the top 100 asthmatic children in the country.

Misc. videos
BUTEYKO UK: Jill McGowan, Winner of Great Scott Award 2001
BUTEYKO UK: Jill McGowan Pride of Britain Carer of the Year Award Winner 2002

BUTEYKO Cuba: Update, Celia Sanchez School

BUTEYKO UK: Children, St. Joseph's Primary School
BUTEYKO UK: Jill McGowan - Asthma Free Schools
BUTEYKO UK: Children, St. Kelsso School - Assembly