Comment: Ok, here's my take (From a Liberty persepective)

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Ok, here's my take (From a Liberty persepective)

A family is doing 71 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Big whoopp di do... who cares! She damaged nobody's property, endangered nobody, and the weather conditions clearly warrant being able to "SAFELY" travel at that rate with no issues.

So Let's Break this down (from a Liberty perspective)

1) Minivan going 71 MPH in 55 MPH zone
2) Minivan pulled over by police
3) Minivan leaves scene after cop walks away temporarily from minivan
4) Police chase minivan (because the serfs in minivan didn't submit)
5) Police Pull minivan over again
6) Lady gets out of minivan and talks to police man
7) Lady runs away from police man (police psycho man really mad now)
8) Police man attempts to apprehend lady from minivan
9) 14 yr old son gets out trying to defend his mom
10) 14 yr old runs back in car and locks doors
11) mom also back in car now too
12) backup police men show up
13) original police man starts beating the piss out of the minivan
14) police man w/ baton clearly inflicts property damage on minivan
15) minivan pulls off in a hurry (don't blame lady for leaving ASAP)
16) Other cop actually STARTS SHOOTING at a non threatening target moving away from them

So, to recap, a stupid speed limit law, DESIGNED TO GARNER REVENUE for the State, ultimately becomes the initial reason all this STUPID IDIOTIC CRIMINAL non-sense and violence occurs.

The minivan lady was NEVER violent. The cop WAS the aggressor from the start. The 14 year old is acting as a defender for what appears to be his mom. The cop flips out and goes into ultra violence mode (programmed into his thick skull by the State). Backup shows up and as minivan peels away from the scene, the other cop from backup actually starts FIRING rounds into the car (and these guys are here to protect us???? LOL... yeah, i can clearly see that!!) this is attempted murder in my opinion!!! It's also reckless endangerment of minors.

And again, what was the culprit that started all this. A SPEED LIMIT LAW that does nothing to protect the public LIBERTY but gives the State and its minions unbridled excuses to violate OUR RIGHTS and steal money from us. And when we don't submit, we get a BEAT DOWN! And also, this is one of the excuses insurance companies use to force higher premiums on drivers. Looks like a scam to me! Except these cops think they are actually acting legitimately, when nothing can be further from the truth.

Government IS THE USE OF FORCE! When you are using that force for such ridiculous purposes as this, that means government is NOT acting in the interest of OUR LIFE, OUR LIBERTY AND OUR PROPERTY. And that is clearly evident here in this video.

If I were the cop on the scene, I would NOT have chased the car after it left in the first place. No need to. But, these dopes are trained to be superior and they think they are.

It's amazing that humans treat other humans in this fashion. Government is SUPPOSED to stop others from using violence on others, but in this case, it's government using violence on a non violent target. Certainly shows that government is ALMOST, not all, but almost all its endeavors is an absolute waste of valuable resources. And we are supposed to just accept this??? Absolutely not!

There's the phrase, JUST SAY NO... Well, we can apply that to government, JUST SAY NO to it.

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!