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was an interesting read. I didn't know of all the military connections to certain "artists." I'm going to forward this to my uncle who has been in the music business in L.A. since this very time. I'll bet he knew and or played with a lot of these people. If I get any interesting info I'll try to share.
(btw, links to some of the other parts seem to be missing)

Edit: yep, looks like he has played with some of them.
(excerpt from his bio)
"Jimmy has written and published countless songs, and has played major venues worldwide. He has appeared in concerts with Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Sly and the Family Stone, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Janis Joplin, Three Dog Night, and many others. He has performed on television commercials and such television programs as American Bandstand, The Grammy Awards, The Midnight Special, and ABC's 20/20."