Comment: Sad times DP

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Sad times DP

I go to this web site way too much. Ive been typing Dp before my facebooking for the day since 2007. Honestly its painful to admit how far this place has fallen, not that I could or would ever leave, because we used to accomplish a lot for freedom, through the use of this website. It just sucks how your all a bunch of ass holes seemingly overjoyed as our numbers diminish. We hate on each other while statist continue to watch the tell lie vision for info.

Yall need to remember bambi... if you cant say something nice, stop typing. This place is for making friends, not enemies.

Michael, im sure the future will be bright for the DP, we just need a new surge of happier people, a few good projects, and some candidates to get behind.

People leave because this place lost its core members a long time ago. We should encourage those remaining to stay instead of ... dont let the door hit your ass bullshit.... grow up

The only way to turn this ship around is to reverse the ratio of ass holes to friendly freedom lovers.

Im sad, but plenty of kids will learn about freedom in the next few years, and bring hope to this place. Teaching those still here to chill the fuck out and get right by each other.

yt = classicalliberalism

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