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Why then do you choose to employ words that obviously intend to discredit common law grand jury volunteers?

Why do you use the word "joint," for example?

Now you use the word "pretending," as if such a word choice is authoritative in any sense of the word, as I recognize it to be, in point of fact, inculpatory evidence proving the case that you are resorting to deception as a means of discrediting me, and discrediting any volunteers who volunteer to be members of a common law grand jury.

By what authority do you dare to claim that what I do, or what any other volunteer does, to be in any way "pretending"?

Again, in the forensic word choice "actual," your claim of authority vanishes as soon as I personally inspect your claim.

You have no claim, so far, so your claim is specious at best, and by my own experience with such matters, and in my own judgment, which I admit to be prone to error, your complete lack of any authority whatsoever, as to what is, or is not "actual" relative to what I, or other volunteers are doing in their official capacity as common law grand jury members, on their own volition, is, in my offer of my opinion, a case of you resorting to deception.

Perhaps you know no better, perhaps your deceptive word choices are merely you parroting that which someone told you what to say, when to say it, and your interest isn't to deceive, your interest is merely to follow orders without question.

I don't know if, in fact, you are willfully lying, but that is what my experience proves to me beyond a reasonable doubt, so far as I consider the available evidence.

In other words, spout more deceptions and I can point those out too.

"joint" (in reference to whatever place common law grand jury members assemble on their own volition)

"pretending" (a challenge to authority offered as if your offer was fact, and it is demonstrably not a fact)

"actual" (another pretentious statement of fact absent any measure of any kind whereby such a claim, such an offer, is in any way acceptable by anyone other than those who are fooled into a belief in blind obedience to falsehood without question: since there is no reference made to any authority other than "I say so" in this case of this use of that word by you in this voluntary exchange)

To whom it may concern: I am going to invest time spent in other pursuits now.