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No JFK never order the

No JFK never order the printing of any Silver Certificates, there is no such order. He ordered the removal of Silver Certificates in the denomination of $5 and $10 Certificates in 1961, then the removal of $1 and $2 Certificates in 1963, allowing for the FED to finally print every single denomination in Federal Reserve Notes for the first time in our history.

If you are unconvinced, just read his EO11110, as well as Public Law 88-36. If you can provide me with actual proof that JFK ordered the printing of Silver Certificates and that there were Silver Certificates printed and issued in 1963 or that any other printing of United States Notes were printed except those that the Treasury already was slated to print in regulation with the Act of 1878 that required approximately $325 Million to be in constant circulation. Those were only in $5 denominations and a few $2 Bills. By all means please prove it to the contrary. The last Silver Certificate issued was in 1957, by 1964 they were no longer redeemable in Silver.

Please, by all means, I expect you to chew before you swallow.

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