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Thanks for standing with me…..lord knows there are enough conspiracy kooks on here and this guy thinks he is the ring leader. ).. I nicknamed him Base1ass for being a bully and that has grown to Dumb1ass because he has told me everything he knows and there is no other name more appropriate. But he hates in when I call him out on being a bully and tries to copy what I say rather than any original statement or thoughts…..that why he keeps saying that I “hate “ everything or “you just can’t make this shit up”.

He stalks me because he doesn’t have anything of substance and continues to post updates of that crazy lady even after she has been totally discredited…….He doesn’t have enough intelligence to know that he should be embarrassed, God forbid you misspell a word….he act like a monkey going bat shit crazy that just discovered that the taste of what comes out…… is better than what goes in.

I ignore him now after I told him he is irrelevant (and he’s too stupid to understand this). Anyone that would enter a thread with even a morsel of common sense or logic he would bully until he was the lone fool standing in a room talking to himself.

The depth of his knowledge is James Corbett and the Money Masters video. Corbett loves Alex Jones and is quoted as saying this, He must have been so sad to here that Alex Jones is educated by David Icke……do you know about this clown……he thinks the moon is hollow and that lizard humanoids control us on earth…….you really can’t make this shit up…..and Dumb1ass is a disciple of the kook of kooks.
It’s sad because his whole world is caught up in the hate the Jewish/International banker conspiracy and that he thinks he matter, if people would just listen to him, everything would be right in the world…….and I destroyed his world so he wants revenge….but beings a cap gun to a tank battle.