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You and I are cut from the same cloth

In order to get the best representation of the facts you need to read the material of the time, then look for the opposing viewpoints and put it into context of the events of the world at the time. Draw a conclusion that will possibly change as more information become available…..but never join the religion of I read this one thing therefore I know everything.

The reason I like Rothbard so much is he gives you the most information and allows you to form your own opinion. I have a saying that I like “the winners get to write the history”.

Are you a football fan? I will draw an analogy. If you watch all the football programing that is out there, all you here about is the players and then the coaches and teams…..the who’s and what they did. No show (except NFL Matchup) talks about the actually game of football…..The offensive formations, the defensive alignments, the blocking, the coverage’s….the game of football.

This is what Rothbard does for financial history (and let’s face it is there any real history without financial history). He teaches the game (so to speak) and lets you understand it…..therefore when someone brings up the international bankers, you have a context of where they fit in and how their business actually works and the context of their position in the world……you are never looking for the smoking gun, because there is no smoking gun, it’s just how the world turns. Statism is no more the smoking gun then the international bankers are……but it is the root of growth that everything bad sprouts from….therefore if you pull out the root, the State cannot grow and you eliminate the branches that grow from the State, Inflation, Crony Capitalism, intrusion in the free market, taxes and tariffs, regulation, class warfare, Warfare……all the things created by men …….and these sprouts consumes personal individual Liberty, which is really the most important thing because it was created by our Creator…….and to me it does not matter which Creator you wish to choose….that is your Liberty….and I will stand with you to defend your Liberty just as I would stand to defend you own.
Sorry got a little preachy there!!!!!