Comment: irony? not in this day and age

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irony? not in this day and age

She's an economics professor! Her overt slogan was"tax the rich! "She has proudly declared a class war. So many idiotic goals she has shows a complete lack of understanding of free market economics. It's frightening. My landlord has been volunteering for this woman's campaign. He claims the youth are flocking to her party here. I don't doubt it. There's never been a tax this city hasn't liked. Full of the biggest self loathing Masochists this country has ever seen and they're all pleased as punch to die from a thousands cuts. My wife and I have a thriving established business here and sadly we're considering abandoning it just to get out of this city gone mad. Our business requires being located in a large metropolitan city but we're finding it hard locating one that isn't suffering from the same looter takeover.