Comment: The principle is sound

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The principle is sound

The principle of anti-collectivism is sound but is sometimes taken to such an extreme that it can become self-defeating. Some goals require agreement and action in numbers. I have been trying to stress this for years now and compare it to hunting geese with a sawed off shotgun.

A shotgun discharges a numerous number of "individual" pellets that spread farther apart from each other as they travel farther from the barrel. Trying to shoot high altitude geese as they fly over is futile with a sawed off shotgun. This is because the spread pattern is so large and dispersed by the time it gets to the goose you will be lucky if even one pellet hits the goose. But if you use a shotgun with a full choke to concentrate all of these "individual" pellets into a much tighter, closer and more accurate pattern, many more of these individual pellets will hit the target and you have a better chance of bagging the goose. A choked barrel does not take away the individuality of each pellet, but it does concentrate them into a more accurate and effective number to hit the target at one time and actually bag the goose. Without one, goose hunting would be futile, as it is with extreme self defeating anti-collectivism.

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