Comment: common core NOT developed "by the States"

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common core NOT developed "by the States"

That is the single biggest myth of Common Core, and the mouth pieces that keep spewing this inaccurate horse poo are doing it on purpose. A small bit of research will tell you that common core was largely developed by Achieve, Inc. a "think tank" in Washington, D.C. The national governors association had NOTHING to do with its creation. They were brought on board simply to give this crap cover and plausible deniability when facing the inevitable scrutiny that would come. States were BRIBED with RTTT money--and in fact, they were actually given GRANTS by the federal government to write the proposal to submit to the traitorous bastards in Washington to get the RTTT money (and waivers for No Child Left Behind) and accept CC verbatim.

If you have kids in school, please do yourself a favor. If you cannot take them out for financial or other reasons, MONITOR their class work and homework. Protect your kids from indoctrination (of controversial social memes) that WILL seep into the work. That's just one rotten thing that CC will do slowly over the time its "curriculum/standards" are being applied to your child's malleable brain.

For more (if you haven't researched it), go to

and read, read, read. There are TONS of other sites on the internet that expose the real origin of CC and other implementation treachery such as intrusive data collection, the PARCC test, ineffectiveness of the "standards", etc.