Comment: I have two thoughts on this

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I have two thoughts on this

I have two thoughts on this controversial topic if I may share with you.Firstly...this again demonstrates how and why multiculturalism does NOT work in its current form. It really is not a multi cultural society but a reducing of any societal culture. The heavy handedness this "perturbed parent" used to express his political will in favour of his own religion or lack of one is an objectionable assault on community spirit within any school. This parent is part of a larger problem within our 'decaying society'.
Secondly...sending toys to impoverished children around the world is not a wise project in my opinion. They need soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. I'm sure they can fashion their own entertainment without western society's idea of consumer stuff. What is the main goal of this school project: raising children with charitable hearts? ... helping impoverished children learn how to play? ...spread the gospel?
At any rate maybe this perturbed parent will seek education for his children somewhere else.