Comment: To Raise, to Erect to Min Standard or Max Potential?

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To Raise, to Erect to Min Standard or Max Potential?

Education from Latin means to Raise, to Lift, to Erect. It means to take one from weakness and dependency to strength and ability. To Independence.

The biggest problem with Common Core is that its Mission is to prepare those that follow it for servitude. The Mission of Common Core is to Raise children just high enough to work for others. Just high enough to follow directions, but not enough to set your own course.

For Eons the responsibility to Raise and Lift children fell upon Parents. Many did the job all by themselves and with the help of Family, and others made use of Specialized labor to help get the job done.

If Local School Boards only changed one thing, and that is to change the Mission of the School System to: "Compliment a parent's responsibility to raise their children to Independence from both themselves and government", then the curriculum and standards would have to fall in line to achieve that. This allows Innovation in the Methods (the how) while keeping the Mission the same.

Common Core creates a self prophecy in focusing on minimum standards, rather than Maximum Potential.

If Innovation and Entrepreneurship were Core Curriculum, then we'd see much more Equity in Ability to support oneself and family, Standard of Living, and Pursuit of Happiness.