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Where did the 0% come from?

Curious, you said 8% survivability is better than 0% and you are absolutely correct 8% is a larger number; however, I'm curious to know where the 0% came from? The national average is 10% - 15%.

Also, the doctor has the ability to decline care to patients that he feels will not benefit from his care. He also picks who partakes in his publications, so the very best he can offer is 8% survival.

The second part regarding the 13 patients he treated is more personal and can't be proven. I have no doubt that the out of pocket expenses will drive down the number of people who can seek the doctors care, but do you honestly believe the man has only treated 13 patients? Also, there is no telling if his sole survivor listed in his publication received alternative care after visiting Burzynski.

I really do appreciate that you are allowing for a discussion on this particular topic. It is concerning that people will watch a Pro-Burzynski video and just assume he is "legit" without doing any research. The doctors very own publications put him well below the average survival rates.