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When I was younger and in Boy

When I was younger and in Boy Scouts we went to a camp during the summer to get merrit badges etc. Our Scoutmaster was a hard ass and hated how soft the organization had gotten and made it his goal that his troop was going to produce REAL men and leaders. Our troop was somewhat the black sheep of the city lol

Anyway at the camp they had a stage race that involved running, swimming and shooting. I had the running stage and ran my ass off to win for my team. I remember almost throwing up from all the dust. My buddy Joey swam competitivly and Ben was a crazy redneck that was damn good at shooting so I knew we would win.

After the times were tallied we got the unnofficial word that we had won the race and we were pretty stoked. But during the ending ceremonies they never called us up to say we won. Finally we got pissed and went to the front to talk to the camp director and get our awards but he just looked as us blankly and said "Everybody won".

It was the biggest slap in the face and we were pissed as shit the rest of the day. Even a organization like the BSA has been infected with this bullshit socialist 'everybody is special and we cant hurt your feelings' ideology.

I have hated socialism ever since.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.