Comment: Dispite the on going digs,

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Dispite the on going digs,

artifacts,roads and structure discovered under feet of soil at the site as well as the Dr.'s extensive study of pyramids world wide,he and the project are continuously attacked and disregarded in the archeological community. The Egyptians are particularly afraid that a find as epic as the idea of a much larger and older pyramid like structure in Europe may surface and knock them down a peg. Dr. O has invited regular people like us to dig as well as any scientists who want to study the site. So far it has not been discovered to be a hoax.In fact many prominent archeologists have supported hiss claims. Many have been ridiculed for doing so,however. Who knows what will ultimately surface but it will be important no matter what.

They have a summer camp you can join to tour or to work on site. One day I hope I can make it to see for myself.