Comment: That guys job was nothing

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That guys job was nothing

That guys job was nothing more then to participate in character assasination........masquerading as "journalism", trying to lead a guy in loop holes to admit that he is some nutjob who believes....."Who. Mr Journalist.....who do YOU want him to admit to, AND WHY.......and WHAT is wrong with doing something that an individual would be exposed to, are people exemp based on their "pecking order" not upset that the dude was'nt allowed to speak his mind in an impartial environment, im upset that, the "jounalists" JOB, was to "ATTACK", dimissing impartiality altogether

The SCIENTIST mentioned SEVERAL times that he deals in HARD facts, and is there to TALK about hard facts, whether they support a persons claim or not, the point is to have HARD evidence of EVIDENCE, not third hand accounts, political inspired investigations, supposition, that ALL can be countered, by their own counterparts AND hard evidence

My mind is still open to any possibility, i have my opinions, but they are kept to myself, but this guy hits it on the nail.....there is not acceptable HARD evidence to KNOW for fact, the conspiracy theories NOR THE OFFICIAL conspiracy theory, but i have my opinions, opinions that dont discount possibilities......if there is acceptable HARD facts, i wont bury my head in sand because i dont want to believe it

The one thing i WILL participate when it comes to 9/11, is impartial ongoing and aggressive investigation.......TALKS of investigation even considered, being the bare minimum requirement of using the word "aggresive", and nobodies position immune, should inconsistencies proven to be lies to be the more extreme use of the word "aggressive".....actually no, depending on the situation, that would be arrests, based on whats found should anything be found