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Heavens to Saint Nick

It is NO secret to the Catholic Church, and the witness of tens of thousands of named Saints, that Catholicism was able to globalize by assuming Pagan Gods and making them Saints for people to continue to pray and still belong to a global COMMUNE. It's one reason for the many devotions in the name of Mary, for those Pagans of Goddess cultures.

I don't see anything "fake". Fake to me is empty of belief. I respect other's beliefs as long as they do not hurt me, after all I don't have to agree.. they should DO WHAT THEY WANT, eh?

Natter of FACT, The Catechism of the Catholic Church was one of the most life changing books I've ever read because it explained many things I never thought about, that I took for granted.. it showed me a picture of the world I had never thought about.

My father was a hard core onjectivist.. if he was alive, I would have bought him that book, not to convert him, but to show him a view of the world that exists.. and you never see it, but it controls your life in ways you never imagined just because the Church is thousands of years old, a massive power institution with billions of followers that are real.