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Trying to confuse you would be redundant

Again, so you believe these historians when they say they didn't have advanced math, but somehow they put the math in their structures and also had some high tech stone shapers.. without advanced math?

That is so far beyond confused I don't even know where to start.

Did they have advanced math or not? You say conventional historians say they didn't and therefore it couldn't be that they just built structures that incorporated references to these numbers, as people do today because they believe in numerology? No that's 'out there' right?

Instead you think they had advanced tech, apparently self evaporating advanced tech, that could shape stone we can't today, that they somehow developed without advanced math? So they can't figure out the ratio between the circumference of a circle and the radius seems to be the same all the time but they made what.. computer guided plasma cutters, or ultrasonic stone shapers?

The fact that monuments are built at all is a sign of a society in some stage of moral decay. These things were built by the slaves of narcissists with armies. Nothing more.

If you expect people to believe otherwise find the crappers. These 'advanced' people apparently pooped in the street, because there's nary a commode anywhere.

Civilized people don't do that, unless they are really drunk;)