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Comment: It's called skepticism

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It's called skepticism

When the government lies, the facts don't fit together.

When some charlatan lies, the facts don't fit together.

Often these are the same thing. Which is the problem here.

IMO this thread is being supported by sockpuppets trying to make people who are skeptical about the official stories like JFK or 9/11 or Hastings, Mark Pittman, Breitbart, etc to appear like crazies that believe in crystal magic, shadow people, ghosts, astrology, and ancient astronauts.

This is the whole point of Coast to Coast and Infowars guys, ffs, don't you get it? Why do you think they get to tell the truth sometimes?

They will put someone like Peter Schiff or Celente or Dr Doom, Trentadue or Roger Stone or Lew Rockwell on there, then have David Icke, Tila Tequila, or that looney numerology lady.

It's to make people trying to convey real skepticism seem to be nuts by juxtaposition with real nuts.

And when you internalize this nonsense, you go out to the world and talk about 1) Ron Paul and then 2) Ancient high tech civilizations.

Thanks, you just scrwered the liberty movement.

Conspiracy theory is one thing. All you have to believe in is that some men are evil. Well they are. We still need to be skeptical about information.

Edgy science is another. All you have to believe is that scientists don't like challenges to paradimes. They get old, stuffy, and about that time get tenured and become gatekeepers. We still need to be skeptical about information.

But accepting this sort of stuff unskeptically just kills us.

Why can people be so skeptical about government claims, properly, but then just accept any claim by a woo without any skepticism whatsoever?

Just because it's not the government saying it, doesn't mean it's true.

And hell even the government tells the truth occasionally.. especially if it supports a bigger lie.

EDIT: To be clear I'm not saying archeologists and historians haven't been wrong about how long humans have been around with something like civilization. That part is fascinating. I am saying there's not any evidence that they had levitation or laser stone cutters or whatever other high tech stuff. If they did, there will be evidence.