Comment: I have a degree in Archaeology

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I have a degree in Archaeology

I studied at one of the top classical archaeology schools in the country.

Every archaeologist wants the dig that changes our knowledge of history. That is why they choose the profession. Finding that site brings in badly needed prestige, publicity and funding. Many teams across many fields have studied the pyramids hoping for a discovery so they can make a name for themselves. It has yet to happen.

I do not see a conspiracy by the international archaeology community to suppress knowledge in order to maintain the status quo. This is not 9/11 or the JFK assassination being discussed.

Semir Osmanagic has a weak academic background earned at a for-profit Bosnian college. He believes the pyramids are a gateway to another dimension, Hitler ran away to hide in a base under Antarctica and that the Maya and Chinese were in regular communication.

While trying to find a 29,000 year old pyramid building civilization he is actually bulldozing over real medieval sites to carve the earth into the pyramid he imagines.