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I don't care what "word" you

I don't care what "word" you used, the result is exactly the same; kneel and kiss the feet of your cosmic king, or burn in hell forever. What does it matter if you say "Crush" or "God will not be Mocked!" or any other candy coatings. You can try to explain it away in soft words, but coersion is coersion. You are Christian, or you go to hell. So much for free will. You can "choose" to pay your taxes, or we can put you in a cage... its free will!"

You may not carry a sword, but neither does a North Korean subject who blindly loves the Supreme Leader, and cheers when some "defeatest" is shot in a firing squad. It doesn't mean you are any less culpable. You still endorse a twisted system of cosmic totalitarian collectivism by standing idley by and even applauding while good people by the billions are shoveled into your god's torture chamber because they failed to subjegate themselves properly according to your mythology. "God shall not be mocked!" You are no differant than any other blind subject of a Tyrant who executes non-conformists to the sound of thunderous applause.

Have I read the bible. Yes. All the way through. I found it to be medival peasant control filled with lies, collectivist propaganda, violence and contradictions. You can find support for nearly anything you want in the bible by scripture. Do I have it memorized, hell no. THat would be a monumental waste of time.

""There is nothing in Christian doctrine which encourages conversion through force""

Well how about HELL for starters? The entire idea that if you aren't Christian, you'll be going to hell is "conversion through force." Every time you use hell as a threat, warning someone who isn't Christian that your way is the only way to heaven, you are using force (the promise of) to convert. It's no differant than an IRS agents saying that you get to be free if you keep paying your taxes. Its nothing more than a "soft" way of saying "Pay your taxes of we put you in a cage."

Next: What on earth makes you think my ideas on the origin of morality doesn't cut it just because there are powerful people who don't adhere to it? You may note the following sentance where I said the libertarian way was the "logical" one because the system of slave and mastery will end in the "Master's" family getting dragged out into the street and butchered eventually. This is a repeating cycle throughout history. Elites trade reason for riches and think they can maintain an illogical system of slave and mastery. It always fails eventually and prooves they are "not" safe. Human reason however has birthed the idea of natural rights because "logically" it is the one system that gives us the best chance to have a safe prosperous society where our kids can live.

So, maybe I was talking to someone else, so then let me pose this question to you:

"If you found out tomorrow that there was no God. Would you still love your children and desire a safe, morale society for them to grow up and thrive in?"

If your answer is "no," then you're lying to me. If it's "I don't know" than you're a coward and you're dodging the question. If your answer is "yes" than you will have prooven to yourself that morality can arise from love without any need for gods. So if we establish that morality can arise simply by the fact that we love one another, then its just a question of wether we can arrive through reason at way to structure our society that logically allows ALL of our children to be raised in a safe and prosperous environment.

Libertarian principals ARE that society, however there are still plenty of power-mad idiots out there who have either because of greed, ignorance or just plain evil, choosen to uphold the outdated, illgocal, slave-mastery system. They happen to be in control at the moment because we are just waking up to liberty on planet earth. However every day as people get closer and closer to bloody revolt, the slave-master idiology is coming closer and closer to prooving me right, yet again. Being master doesn't guarantee you "saftey" for your children. Infact, it endangers EVERYONE's kids in the end. Only natural rights and non-aggression principal can get us there.