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OK, but can be still contentious

I understand your point better now. But I still feel there is contentious point in it. Before coming to that, first what I completely agree with you:

Your statement "The fact is Americans have been complicit in electing those who erode away our founding principles bringing the country" is 100% in sync with what I stated: Progressive decay & intentional top-down well designed brainwashing in American education.

But your theory of screening prospective immigrants for political compatibility is contentious & totally impractical. I say this from personal experience. I came here hardly as 20 year old kid during Ronald Reagan's time. Apart from basic values of social justice, I didn't have clue about many other things then. I didn't have clue about how monetary system works or free markets or any of that. Heck, it wasn't until gradual period from 2007 to 2010 that I decoded the Federal Reserve puzzle. Whoever wakes up, they do it on their own schedule. I claimed I understand these things better than 90% of US population now. But that's because I took the effort to learn all them just like everyone here. In earlier days before acquiring citizenship, I myself was lost in false left-right Democrat-Republican paradigm & a bleeding heart liberal.

[Ignore immigrants for a second. Even among native borns, there are countless stories of people caught in bleeding heart liberal or neo-con traps. Tom Woods has gone on record & admitted being a totally lost neo-con in his younger college days!]

According to your "political compatibility litmus test @ border": How could it have possibly worked on me? There was a chance I could've remained trapped inside bleeding liberal propaganda. I seriously doubt I would've turned out as brain-dead as Kshama Sawant. But nonetheless, I could've remained trapped as a brainwashed Democrat punching voter, like many of my friends & aquaintances still are. Or I could've become ingrained with constitutional republican (lower case 'r') values. How could some random immigration officers many eons ago during Ronald Reagan's time have predicted this about me? [Without patting on my back & banging my drum too much: I've contributed enormously to Ron Paul campaigns & related liberty issues.]

I feel the real solution lies in fixing the root cause: NOT letting Americans become complicit starting from childhood, & adults in electing those who erode away founding constitutional republic principles. This involves killing brainwashing & propaganda as part of public education system. When that happens, issues about facing native-born or immigrant communists would be all the same.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!