Comment: Bullcrap! The Government IS behind Common Core

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Bullcrap! The Government IS behind Common Core

Are you kidding me? Let's use common sense here. WHY would our government be dangling MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in front of State Governors and Educators faces if they weren't DEEPLY INVOLVED in this Common Core Crap? To even suggest that the government wasn't directly behind this unified & identically copied approach from state to state is absolutely ludicrous! In fact, it's THEIR WAY of getting around the US Constitution by "seeming" to give the appearance that it started with the States which is stupid.

Come on. Let's get real. While I think he defended the Anti-Common Core citizens, I don't think (sorry) he got in that obnoxious guy's face nearly enough!

I think when declared that the government wasn't involved in Common Core, he should have blasted the MSNBC host on that. He should have made my obvious observation (above) and then ripped him full of points that:

A. Common Core is TOTAL INDOCTRINATION of the "STATE" ideology---give examples from a lesson then.

B. Common Core is more STATE CONTROL over the authority of the parents and indoctrinates moral issues which they should definitely NOT be in the business of doing---give examples from a lesson.

Just an idea, but I think next time he needs to LAMBLAST THESE A---HOLES.