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Some people here are so extreme.

I'm against centralized gov't. I'm not against gov't altogether. And while I'm open to hearing the reasoning behind people's opinions, at least if they're respectful, there needs to be acceptance that not everyone here thinks alike. As to the examples in your comment, my personal opinion is irrelevant. I'm fine with a local community of residents coming to a consensus as to what is, or is not, appropriate uses of one's property via the establishment of zoning laws. If for no other reason, seeing as many here view property rights as the be all and end all, it protects the value of property to have some agreed-upon parameters. The guy with the obscene statue (it's an obscene gesture by definition, not because I say so), what appears to be visible to adjacent homes, devalues those other properties. Maybe you - as someone with a spouse & children - wouldn't have a problem buying a house beside or behind his, with an obscene image as your family's view, but most people would. I have to say, some of your examples puzzle me. Aside from it being a tad more important to protect children than adults, do you really think normal people would equate children running through a sprinkler naked with that guy's obscene statue? And what's with capitalizing penises? lol I'm not sure if you were trying to shock or amuse.

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