Comment: No it has been thought through

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No it has been thought through

"Can you use federal reserve notes to purchase bitcoin?"
Yes...peer to peer at whatever price you both agree to.

"Can you use other central-bankster fake-currency to purchase bitcoin?"
Yes but as the currency of those who inflate grows in supply the price for bitcoins goes up. It's not a fixed ratio.

"Can we trust that criminals with licenses to print money aren't buying up bitcoins and manipulating this market?"
No. But to what end? If they print up fake notes and buy up bitcoin the exchange price corrects but while the limited supply of bitcoin goes up the buying power of the fiat fake notes goes down. So bitcoin exposes the fraud.

This isn't secure (as is evident by the government being able to seize funds from silk road). The Fed's may have seized the servers with the wallets but they could not spend them. Those who used the Silk road did not have to leave funds on that server. They did it out of convenience or laziness. Had they only interacted at a point of sale and had their funds on their home computers bitcoin wallet or an online storage service and backed them up then there is nothing to seize.

"and the fact that even THE BERNANK is now discussing how it has "legitimate" uses (any time a central bankster says something has use, he's already abusing it for personal gain)." - Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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