Comment: Of course history is wrong,

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Of course history is wrong,

Of course history is wrong, always was; that's a no brainer -- whoever holds the biggest stick dictates the history.
Anyway, if 9/11 taught me anything it is, upon coming awake, that everything we think we know from being told is a lie. Depending on the profoundness of the info imparted, it could be mere misperception on the part of the teller or a total departure from truth, complete fabrication.

The first really great civilization was the Sumerians, and they said everything they knew was given to them by the people that came from the sky. They knew of the constellations, the names of the zodiac, knew the world was round, weights measures and distances of all 9 planets (don't know if we know all that yet); yet by the time the Greeks handed us the bataan the Earth was flat with a domed sky.

Recall the Bible, and the Oracle and Ark of the Covenant, the first telephone booth and the first portable telephone (actually PA system). Yahweh had given instructions to build a huge room (oracle?) lined with mica and gold (fireproofing and electricity conductor) and only designated people (those with a special gene marking) were allowed to enter and commune with God; those who trespassed would die a horrible death by electrocution.
And the Ark of the Covenant also killed if mishandled - but the Bible has it written the person "sinned".
Our entire understanding of God is a myth, but why argue the point when the majority of the population is told from birth that One Being created the entire Universe.

So if our most basic beliefs are based on a "say so" by our parents and nuns and priests, some of us will continue to believe a serpent actually coerced Eve into eating an apple; and govt will always try to do the best for citizens. When I argue about the misinformation and false flags that abound these days, I always get the same response from the naiive: That's ridiculous, govt would never do that.
I'm done - did I just make a statement or another rant?
God bless America and all Libertarians.