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a little bit of both

shock and amuse.

TODDLERS running naked.

and yes I equated the two.

As a normal person, if I saw my neighbors kids doing that I would turn my attention back to whatever I was doing before.

As a normal person, If my neighbor had a big middle finger pointing toward his ex-wife's house, I would say nothing about it. Maybe if I knew him personally I would discuss it, and probably even have a laugh or two.

If I was friends with the ex-wife and had a discussion, I might even suggest that she get one of her own...or two!

and finally, yes, I do see property rights as the be-all end-all. Before you use the initiation of force that is govt. you have to prove real damage to your property from the use of mine. putting a statue that you or even a majority of you and the neighbors "feel" is obscene just doesn't cut it, so to speak.

If I had a sulfur refinery in my backyard and it was spewing ashes all over the place, then yes, that is real damage. Your sensibilities or even what you say could be a drop in the perceived value of your home should have no bearing on what I do with mine...