Comment: McCain is saying the American

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McCain is saying the American

McCain is saying the American People elected Obama because Obamacare was so popular, and it's useless to defend it. Lindsey Graham is saying South Carolina will be nuked if we don't go to war with Syria. There's a difference

The republican leadership was putting out negative information to the media in the week before Cruz's filibuster. McCain and the democrats tried to blame the entire shutdown on Cruz. I don't think the establishment would be attacking him as much if he were a plant. Doesn't mean he isn't, but he's done nothing wrong as of yet in the Senate.

His pre-senate life is good for liberty too, he was the a lawyer in favor of gun rights in the US v Heller case. Until he does something wrong, there is no need to drag his name along with McCain or Graham, that's completely and utterly unfair to Cruz. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

I'm sure the Rothschild sit around and think, "we need to co-opt this movement somehow, we couldn't do it with Glenn Beck, I know, let's get the husband of a CFR member."

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."