Comment: Well-Said ... But not so Apropos....

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Well-Said ... But not so Apropos....

This is all well and good if a LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT were running amuck, but that's not what we are dealing with. Most of Congress is made up of cocaine-snorting, hooker-using, closet homosexual deviants -- and then there a few actually evil people

Obama is related to Dick Cheney by BLOOD
Cheney is related to the Bush Family
and they are related to HILLARY CLINTON ---

Do you REALLY THINK this is legitimately possible ? ?

So the speech is great - we shouldn't let the police state out of control - but what are you going to do? Make a call to your Cocaine Congressman? Or petition the DARK LEGACY family for FAIR treatment ?

Watch the Documentary.
Research the family histories.

And just educate people.
Learn, Educate, Have Fun -- the Ron Paul way.