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By your handle you

should be adversarial to me, by my handle:)

But on this matter we certainly are not, and I thank you for your eloquent exposition.

It is the scientific method and the skepticism that is it's foundation that has created modern civilization. If in one specific area you reject skepticism but in all else embrace it, we can be allies, and should, and should be more than allies.

I would like to explore this with you. My principal is liberty. I know your principal, and I respect it.

But I am concerned in a philosophical sense.. I presume from context that you interpret your spiritual mandate to be consonant with liberty.. that you are here perhaps to be more than consonant, to promote it.

So, if you care to engage in this, I will start by asking one question: why do so many of your brethren disagree? Why is it so many theists reject liberty? Not just Christians, in fact in the US Christians are the most pro liberty of any religion, and far more than Christians elsewhere, as you must know. But even in the US, Christians are not uniformly or reliably pro liberty.

Why can I trust a theist?

That sounds like a challenge, and in a sense it is. But.. I want to trust you guys. Tell me why I should. Please.

I should add, I am not one of those rabid anti-theists posing as atheists. I am not opposed to God. I wish there were evidence of God. I'm not opposed to the Ten Commandments (wtf why would anyone?) or them being on any particular building.

I do oppose my tax money paying for the monument, but then, I oppose the taxpayer supported building existence in the first place.

$1.5M building
$0.1k 10 Commandments monument

Yeah, I could give a crap.

Anyway, you know my principal, liberty. I know you're interpretation of your principal, the Word, seems compatible.

I like that.

A lot of people cleaving to the same word, lets call them for want of a better phase, "christian progressives" seem to think along the lines of famous democratic socialists.

This makes me think, theists are, morally, loose cannons.