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Dakotkid. Very entertaining.

Doing nothing is better than using highly toxic chemicals to attack the cancer. Chemotherapy solutions cause chemical burns when accidental exposure occurs. Do you advocate for carcinogenic treatments?
Do you believe cancer can be cured with cancer causing substances?

You don't advocate for Dr. Burzynski but what do you suggest.

I suggest if you can afford it find a doctor that does immuno therapy with stem cells. I have visited a clinic in Mexico where people are being healed. Sad to say most of the people where very wealthy so there is an enormous barrier to entry. It works with your own adult stem cells to create an immune against the cancer. So you get fevers as if you had the flu, but it kills cancer.

The establishment medical model is kill every cell in the body, the cancer cells hopefully will not regenerate and the good cells will regenerate hopefully.

Dakotakid instead of hurting this conversation you help. Now more folks can chime in and enlighten others.

"critics are never remembered but creators are remembered"

May peace be unto you Dakotakid

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.