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Since my days as a bankster I

Since my days as a bankster I have learned that to insulate yourself from the evil tools against the populace, you just mimic what the 'evil' people do.
One of those things is to get a second passport and buy property or a business in a Chile, Paraguay, UAE, a Caribbean Island etc.
Personally, I believe it's only a matter of time before the long arm of the U.S. penetrates all of these safe havens. It's already a red flag to the IRS and it's a nuisance to be tethered further with FACTA regulations, so I'm resolved to staying in the U.S. until I die.

So I put money in a privately held bank that has no FDIC, where deposits are guaranteed by the assets of the owners of the bank. Brown brothers Harriman Co. There will never be a bail in.
Their wealth management team never lost a penny during the financial crisis. And they are private share holders of the Federal Reserve.

Another very effective 'evil' bankster money haven is mutually held life insurance.
I bury cash in mutually owned (policy holders are the owners) life insurance policies. I can get a fixed amount (contractually guaranteed) of annual income.
There has never been a missed dividend payment in over 100 years. I can borrow against the value and if I choose to repay it I can add interest that goes directly to the cash value of my policy. Oh and when I borrow say, $100,000 from a $800,000 policy, I still get paid my annual dividend payment on the full amount, as if I never borrowed the money.
That's what the evil banksters use.
Mutually held insurance policies.
The money changes hands to beneficiaries, tax free, like any life insurance benefit.
If I decide to retire and want to take $100,000 a year from the policy as a 'loan', I pay no income tax on the money because it's a 'loan'. All perfectly legal.
If I want to insure the life of a relative, employee or business partner, I own the policy and it becomes a source of available funds for loans, income etc..