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Well aren't you a good person.

I personally believe that there are too many people in the "liberty movement", who would rather harp on someones faith, than actually work for liberty for all. Your full belief in your books, and your 100% rejection of a Creator, or ones faith in God, is no less a "religion" than the ones you are so militantly against. Shouldn't one that wants to work towards true liberty, work for liberty and respect for all? You don't have to answer that by the way, I'm very familiar with what militant ANTI-Theist want. It's one thing to have acceptance of those who don't believe the same way that you do, it's another to have the self inflated ego required to attack those same people for not daring to follow your one and only "true way". Nobody fights harder against something they don't even believe in, than a good anti theist like yourself. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you do wonders for the liberty and peace movement.