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I can't resist

If not theism, then what? All else is chaos. I feel that you will say, no one wants to be killed, so killing is wrong, it encroaches on liberty, steals life. But that is only true if stealing is actually, ultimately wrong. You can trust theists because, though we may falter, though we have a standard of absolute good in Christ (I recognize that not all theists are Christians and respectfully disagree with them) we often miss the mark. However, without that objective set of ethical standards that are the moral law given by God, there is nothing. Ethical judgments have NO mooring whatsoever. To claim that they do is purely false. Because if anyone disagrees with you on that matter, then that matter is also unresolved and so with no greater objective law to arbitrate between the two opposing viewpoints, it can never be settled which one is true.

In short (which is how I'd like you to answer if possible because I don't have unlimited reading and writing time on the internet), with God, Ethics can exist and we as Christians feel we must, should always because of our creed, tell the truth. Atheists, have NO such code (that is logically defensible in comparison to any other code). Which I think is why many Christians are skeptical of science and why we love liberty. We see that if freedom is taken, then our religious liberties are gone as well and we hold nothing more dear (see the pilgrims) than our right to worship God as we see we should, in spirit and truth. Peace.