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Comment: Put the blame where it belongs

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Put the blame where it belongs

The Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc. and their Financial Institutions are exactly where the blame rightfully belongs.

These people are criminals, who systematically overthrew the government by means of covert systems, buying out the Media, buying out the elected government, creating treasonous policy "think tanks", and converting our election system into a form of legalized bribery -- under which only those who sell away their soul (first) have any chance to succeed. Far from being "idiots", these people are evil geniuses, and the brains behind the tyranny we all face.

And there were people who resisted and tried to fight them: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Zachory Taylor, James Garfield, William Jennings Bryant, Franklin Roosevelt (to a degree), John Kennedy. It all cases efforts were made to remove these men from power (by murder in most cases).

Corruption can only prosper if the real masterminds and perpetrators are excused.

Your attitude is exactly the attibute that they want to see --- as they trick you into blaming the poor, the helpless, and the ignorant ... while they make off will all your money and trap you in an economic class system -- were your future is slavery, (if not your present).

Criminal detectives make plea bargains with the lower level accomplices in order to get the brains of the operation. We should all do exactly the same thing here, with the New World Order.

And that means going after the real Financial Masterminds, and shutting down their evil Corporations, and their covert systems (CFR, etc.).

But this isn't easy to do, when they have and operate all the money.