Comment: No PHREEDOM.. I don't

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No PHREEDOM.. I don't

Elections happen on alot of levels in politics, and the more people, the more expensive the campaign in general.. for example, a presidential election costs far more and requires many more people than city council seat.. or Sheriff, as some elections have nothing to do with the parties because the elected offices, such as Sheriff. You will not see a Republican or Democratic party part of that election.. many people have no idea what political party their Sheriff belongs.

Where we have lost our way (I don't believe we lost our way, I believe the Neos have worked hard for decades using the constitution to destroy the constitution and give us precidents that are tied to UN agreements. And since most Americans at this point have no idea what the nuts and bolts of representative government take.ecause it needs to be exercised (not exorcised).. we now have professional organizations running astroturf rather than organic representation.

The solution to me is to challenge the corporate structure by participating in an organic constitutional way.. as the op said, I belive, we have nothing to lose and the constitution to gain.

As it stands today, it takes signatures and money to qualify and this can come from corproations (and why campaign reform laws are so important to many who) prefer an organic representation by wee the people.. but if wee the people don't step up to do the job, it won't matter what the law is... today, if you take corporations out of politics, you would have no representation, and that is a shame, but I don't blame the corporations.. if all those who didn't want corporate government got in and did the job we wouldn't have corporate government.