Comment: You don't think The Rothschilds are Evil?

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You don't think The Rothschilds are Evil?

You are quite naive. These Financial Pirates are not just simply "protecting their wealth". They literally kill people (by the millions throughout history), and subvert almost all public institutions, and corrupt the entire monetary system to engulf the entire World into their vision of Slavery, and a completely rigged and corrupt economic and social system.

Would you accept Professional Sports if it were played on those terms?

Where there are no rules, and no score, other than clearly corrupt ones that are manipulated by just one side only ... and murderous violence and robbery both is allowed (when it is done by them) to always give one side the advantage? Of course not!

You would say that that team should be banned from the games for all time. You would say that they should be brought up on charges, and given the maximum sentence (possibly even capital punishment).

The same should also be true for the Rockefellers, et al., and these totally crooked Financial, Media, and (private) Think Tank Institutions.

Crooks are crooks. And these Worldwide Crooks have ruined are entire World.

There is only one War that we should be fighting, and its not against poor, defenseless, pathetic middle-eastern people -- but against the owners, the designers, and executioners of this corrupt system.

And yes it is EVIL.
Looting TRILLIONS of dollars, stealing Natural Resources (using violence), and Murdering tens of millions of people is as EVIL as it gets!

That's what their crooked system does, and is designed to do.