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Our constitution represents an instinctual agreement

which is social. Logically, the people of the society need and want to live. Therefore they structure rights for individual which empowers their survival instinct. Since we were tribal, communication and working together to survive are normal.

Being social, freedom of speech and its purpose is intrinsic to that.

Liberty comes later, after we survive.

The abridging of free speech is the greatest theft of all from Americans, and they HAD to do that before they could get any more.

Accordingly, if we are to survive, we NEED to use our first constitutional right, ARTICLE V. Free speech is the main tool for the job. Congress violated their oaths, the law and the constitution in 1911 when 2/3 of the states had applied for a convention to stop the federal reserve. 1912, the titanic went down with 40 of the richest people in America who were also against America leaving the gold standard.

This thread exists to see the purpose of free speech manifested by our understanding of each others instincts, the basic law, and make evident the fact that those working against the constitution must try and interfere with our agreement.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?