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I see Christianity

as one way to practice one's spirituality, but I would not call myself a Christian. Jesus and Moses and Zarathustra are each a part of a culture. If Christians did not have Jesus to worship it would probably be someone/thing else. Based on much debate, experience, and research, I have decided I am a panentheist. All is within God.

It is important for me to trust and respect a person up front because I tend to see the good in people. On top of that, I want to live in a world where people are trust worthy so I give people a chance, and sometimes 7X7 chances. Trust a person if they tell you how they honestly feel or if they are reliable, not because they are theists or atheists.

When it comes to rejecting liberty I'm 100% sure theists do not have a monopoly on that. Why do so many of them reject liberty? It seems like many people believe they know whats best and try to make everyone else conform. There are many reasons. I choose freedom because if a flock of birds can figure out how to fly in a V to the south for winter, I'm sure we can do without most government trying to tell us what to do.

If a local community wants the 10 commandments displayed, I could really care less simply because it is their tax money.

I am skeptical about all ideas including my own. I am agnostic in that way. But in order to make sense of things I choose the best ideas from my head and research I have done. What else do we have? Some people have books that tell them how to live and others have feelings and everything in between.

-Matthew Good