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I don't disagree

I just think this is so basic of an understanding that it has little value for discussion in the bigger picture. Don't get me wrong though, I am all for going back to the roots of law for achieving an understanding of how the law progresses through its logic hierarchy of consent. I just think that we are too far down the road of tyranny to be waiting for the confused to catch up. The confused will realize the things they need to know within the source of divine order.

It is clear now why unwitting Germans, Russians and others would walk (on their accord) in front of a machine gunner and consent to being exterminated, most are so confused about real law that they do not understand survival and thus are easy prey. If the people don't understand survival then how can they understand any needs based on such a thing? We can't wait for these people to catch up because it is too dangerous at this point.

We need advanced intelligence gathering activities identifying and monitoring the criminals one by one and we need this now. The criminals are operating in broad daylight and it is our fault for allowing this to continue. The founders obtained divine providence over the world's most powerful military might because of their understanding of real law. The founders created a vast intelligence network and understood intelligence activities well enough to filter out bs and obtain the advantage over the criminals they faced.

Modern Americans do not understand the level of intelligence necessary to bring justice in our current scenario and if they spent the time and energy currently spent on politics in criminal investigations, justice and asymmetric intelligence gathering we would be move into the drivers seat of protecting the law.

We have courts and our courts have been usurped by criminals and are currently committing fraud, extortion and obstructing justice on a daily basis. Are we going to spend our time in politics to solve crime problem? Politics was not designed or intended to bring justice to criminals, the judicial branch was established for that. We did not establish courts to house criminals who obstruct justice or use "law" as a weapon against us. They are our courts and we the People have acquiesced to unlawful precedent through our own consent to all of their fraudulent claims. We established courts as forum for remedy to injury for the People to use as we need. We did not establish the courts for the current criminal class to use "justice" as a weapon against the people. If we put our energies into way more advanced strategies to uphold the law and be completely resolved on bringing criminals to justice then we will begin to see everything change. We can know the law, consciously uphold the law by protecting precedent and collapse the entire wave function within nature itself.

We have more WAY more knowledge of nature today than the founders had in their day but we don't seem to understand how to put it all together into it's proper congruency of comprehension understanding and expression to consciously shape our existence. We are only bounded by law. Protect the law and the law will protect you. That's what I am doing and I am moving towards a more advanced and comprehensive approach while firmly rooted in the most basic laws to ensure the minimum confusion and maximum protections.

This is my recommendations for protecting liberty and ending the madness of being subjected to 10,000s pages of code a year 'claimed' as applicable law to the people. This is nuts. This is truly a nation of men not of laws.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...