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That is correct

But it goes deeper and more clear for me here.

I will go back to the Walmart example again:

Walmart (contractually created entity aka a legal fiction/a person) has shareholders who own shares with the shareholder capacity (contractual veil for a man to fill) governed by the shareholders agreement. This shareholders agreement is the law that governs the contractual relationship of shareholders. The shareholders choose the board of directors that run the entity called Walmart. The Board of Directors appoints Executive Employees (the Executive Employee capacity/veil) to run the operations of the company and report activities of the company and those executives appoint managers (the manager employee capacity) all the way through to the janitors. Each level of capacity is governed by applicable contractual bounds of capacity defined by the internal regulations. These capacities matter in law because the executive capacity does not have the same applicable law as the manager capacity or Board of Directors capacity and so on. Walmart does not ever try to apply employee handbook rules and employee SOPs to its shareholders. That is because the organization is governed by law. They are not confused about the application of their contractual laws. It is very clear that board or executives or managers has absolutely no authority whatsoever to make rules for the shareholders.

The United States and constitutionally founded governments are essentially the same structure in law with minor differences in effect and application. The shareholders are We the People wherein the People created a legal fiction called the United States of America. Our shareholders agreement is the Constitution and We created various contractual capacities within that structure and bound scope and duty to them. The people established this entity to carry out certain services at the request of the people. The congress legislative abilities were intended to fulfill the day to day operational needs of the government and provide regulations for commerce. The legislative branch never had the lawful authority to apply its legislative application to the shareholders of We the People. It is truly insane and total confusion to think it works any other way in law. The people were already governed by the Common Law and any violation of the Common Law would automatically mean that no matter what capacity was claimed by someone the law would be violated and they would be in breach of any claimed capacity. The veil could be pierced and a man would be fully liability for their own actions (a person becomes a full liability man once one has left the bounds of a capacity) by breaching the law.

This is all very simple really. Its just that people ignored the law and lost all their defenses. Ignorance of the Law does not mean reading tens of thousands of pages of legislative code a year to maintain compliance, it means understanding how law actually works so that one can defend themselves with its logical congruency and proper application.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...