Comment: I've Read the Books and Listened to the Audios

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I've Read the Books and Listened to the Audios

I've read the Weight Loss Cure and Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About... twice. I like them both, but the Natural Cures book is the one that really helped me turn my health around.

I've also read the court transcripts and what Kevin was charged with... what a bogus witchhunt. And guess who the prosecution is... the Federal Trade Commission... aka the government. The guy is facing life in prison because he expressed his opinion that the Weight Loss diet was easy. He even offered a refund if you read the book, did the diet, and did not agree... but very few, if anyone, complained... except the government, which testified that no one from the government did the diet... go figure. Hundreds of diet books hit the market every year promoting all types of drugs and chemicals and the government targets this guy because it hurts the manufacturers of those drugs and chemicals and also exposes many of our government agenices for what they are... larege multi-national corporation protectors, information suppressors, and individual rights squashers.

I've also listened to the cd's, "Your Wish Is Your Command" that preceed membership in GIN. I think they are spectacular... a lot of wonderful information... consolidated and presented in a way that is easily understood. I've used some of the techniques discussed and I am a lot happier and better off for it.

Lastly, be aware of anyone who uses the phrase snake-oil salesman in a sentence... this is a smear phrase often used by the MSM. Normally, the author is not trying to diseminate information, but rather disinformation by smearing someone with a nasty word or phrase and then carefully plucking "facts" and inserting them out of context to make their case. I encourage everyone to dig deeper and keep an open mind... especially if the government is on the side of the smearer.