Comment: Strawman? I'm not the one

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Strawman? I'm not the one

Strawman? I'm not the one claiming that the BC code has an exploit within it. Such is only possible if all coders collude together and/or if most of them are incompetent.

And you clearly don't understand that anonymity has nothing to do with the money dissappearing if the software gets hacked or if the software has a weakness. I have no problem with people being sceptical about the security of BC, but your claims are clearly meant to discredit BC by slandering all the coders in the world in order to make your case. This is really disingenuous, where arguments are stretched and twisted (disregarding simple probability and statistics) just so you can make your point.

That BC can possible be hacked is honest criticism. That it has a deliberate exploit is simply slander.