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The Red Amendment. Link

The Red Amendment. Link below. The term "Sovereign Citizen" is a misnomer. One may be "sovereign" over his body, but not over anything political. One may be a Citizen, but that ultimately means a subject to some political entity. This is why the term is really oxymoronic.

One is either a member of a State, see other of my posts and comments for definition, or a stateless person, that is, someone who does not belong to any body politic. A State posses sovereignty and expresses it through the government that it establishes. People of such a State enjoy the privilages established by the State as well as the protection of their natural rights by the State. A stateless person does not have any such privileges or protections. While she may be "free" of the duities and responsibilities of beloning to any state, she is subject to the generosity, or lack therof, of any State in whose territory she may find herself..

This argument is fully elaborated in the book, as is the nature of the law that is enslaving most all Americans.

Good luck and happy reading. BTW, be wary of info. that is completely free, or conversely too expensive. Many folks have dedicated their lives to the research of law on this and related subjects. The purchase of a book may be their only livelyhood.

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