Comment: I've read the whole white paper! A great idea, BUT...

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I've read the whole white paper! A great idea, BUT...

It's time to return to common sense economics! I'm afraid that Bitcoin = tulips!

Don't rest on the mathematical fact that Bitcoin has a fixed number to trade. Keep in mind that there are a million 'Knock-offs' just around the corner of the bit-tulip mania called bitcoin... and a million knock-offs means there are far, far more 'coins' than either tulips or FRNS!

On the other hand, people have tried to make 'knock-off's' of gold and silver for years, even out of lead, but despite the ease of access to the patent office and trademarks, no one has succeeded as yet!

So, my opinion is you had better sell your tulips while you can, especially before Tulip2 or the nth appears out of the free market blue sky! Of course the biggest selling E-coin will be the one which spends the most on advertising, or is the nicest color, or, whatever.

Logic tells me that the 'founders' of 'bitcoin1' might just have dozens of bitcoinX...nth already in mind, for the day in which they sell off at a million percent profit to buy into their newest tulip color!

Good luck E-coin/forex trading... we kind of know how that has gone and for whom!

Remember also, E-anything has only been an exchange of ideas, not commodity, for the idea disappears when the power goes off!