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Your common sense is not

Your common sense is not sense at all. Most of the euros and dollars are already digital. It could be argued that the dollar and euro's digital version decides most of their exchange value, because they dominate most of the supply. There's less difference between the digital versions of the dollar and the euro than between BC and its altcoins. The only reason the computers can differentiate between euro and dollars is because they have different letters registered in the computers (EUR and USD). That's about the only difference.

To say that the altcoins inflate BC's supply, is like saying that euro's inflate the dollar's supply. If anyone knows economics at all, one knows that this is bollocks. The euro has its own exchange rate, like the dollar. While they can affect each other, one does not increase the supply of the other. This is essentially what you guys are saying when you claim that altcoins increase the supply of BC's. The logic is so ridiclously bad, that the only explanation that one can overlook such an obvious fact is because of ideology. This is why ideologies in general are a bad thing.